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    We know the difference between looking and seeing. Therefore, after we look at the work at hand, we do not start "without seeing". Our aim is to see like you see, and to tell “your story”. Because we know that not those who look, but those ‘who see' can make a real difference.

    We do not regard specifics as burden. We believe that we do almost flawless jobs. We believe that specifics make the work special and we welcome the specifics delicately. Therefore, your sensitivities are our priorities.

    Don’t look at people saying “Great haste makes great waste!”. We believe that speed can be combined with detail and be friend with due diligence. Therefore, we work quickly and with diligence.

    We know the importance of 'Social Benefit Ecosystem' very well. We are aware that every step we take interacts with the balance of this ecosystem, and we act with this awareness.

    We do not doubt that the knowledge grows when shared. That's why we enjoy sharing our expertise and transforming it into value with our work. We understand the meaning of sharing, and we repeat it to ourselves at every opportunity.

    We never forget the need ‘to be satisfied’. We never offer a project to our business partners unless we are satisfied with the project. Because, we compete with ourselves. We believe that self-development is the golden rule of success.

    We respect the right to life of every living creature that exists in nature equally. We believe that the Earth is not a planet just created for humans, but a living space where all living beings have the right to live in, and we preserve it with care for all living creatures.

    We believe that respecting disability rights, women's rights, children's rights, all rights of disadvantaged citizens is not our job, but it’s a part of our lives, and we live what we believe.

    We connect the dots delicately, diligently, with equality, respect and love, and on planned time and tell your story.

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    We are happy to meet!

    The origin of our company name is based on Ray Bradbury's novel Fahrenheit 451. In his science fiction novel, first published in 1951, Bradbury described how literature could live through in an oppressive future society.

    The novel envisions a world where technology is advanced, everything is made from non-combustible materials, and where the only duty of firemen is to burn books. It is forbidden to read or possess books in this world because it leads people to think and to be unhappy. Anyone can report anyone suspected of reading a book, and the fire department burns the books they collect in the raids. The only alternative the state offers instead of reading a book is to watch television shows.

    The novel focuses on the solution that a group of book enthusiasts find for themselves in this dystopia, revealing the human-book phenomenon. Ray Bradbury's novel takes its name from the fact that the paper is flammable at 451 Fahrenheit.

    The novel Fahrenheit 451 was also adapted into a screenplay by French director Francois Truffaut and the movie was released under the name of "The People of the Changing World" in Turkey.


    We (co-founders Emiyra Yilmaz and Cihan Yavuz) worked as TV journalists for CNN Türk for years in the news program 5N 1K. During this period, we carried out many projects including special news, live broadcasts, research files and documentaries working as producers, text writers and directors. Over time, we adapted to the changing communication channels of the changing world, and created digital products and social media content.

    We have specialized in the field of communication of social benefit through the communication studies we have done with Civil Society Organizations. At 451 Derece, we have combined years of media and journalism experience with the field of social benefit and started to provide services in the field of communication of social benefit.

    We always believed that the "content" is the first letter of all communication channels. That is why, at 451 Derece, we begin each and every project by thinking about the content and what we want to say. And, we do not finalize the project unless we and our business partner both say “OK”.


    Comments From Our Partners

    "They are different, creative, practical and fast. I have no doubt that we will continue to think and work together in the future with 451 Derece, since we always enjoy working together and thinking together."

    Melih Özsöz - DEİK

    "When working with 451 Derece, we never feel that we have come together because there is work to be done. We have never felt that we are on two different sides of the table. I can define working with 451 Derece as working with a team who knows best way to describe and demonstrate what we want to tell, and working together for the same goal."

    Sezen Engiz - Young Life Foundation

     “We have been working for 4 years with 451 Derece and their professional team who have extensive project experience and use international standards in their work. When it comes to the World Bank's mission of "improving the welfare and reducing poverty", it is not easy to create exciting and compelling stories while emphasizing the diversity of countries, people and subjects in the development area. Working together, we have accomplished so many different and useful projects in so many different areas the World Bank operates. We are so glad that we crossed paths with 451 Derece."


    Tunya Celasin - World Bank

    "We worked together with the 451 Derece during 3 periods of the Ministry for EU Affairs’ Civil Society Dialogue Program. While working with 451 Derece, we have always felt that we are one big team. Their devoted team has made us a part of the dialog by accomplishing beautiful and creative works, by supporting us through our busy schedule and have never let us down. We have come together in many projects, we respect their working discipline and principles, and we hope to continue our collaboration.”

    Yeşim Gözde Ersoy -

     "To consider 451 Derece as just a solution partner is not enough to tell the experience of working with them. It is impossible to not accept them like a part of your own company with all the friendliness and involvement they demonstrate during our cooperation.They think about you and consider your needs far more than you, so the solution they propose is just spot on and more than enough to meet your needs."

    Hande Dönmez - WRI Turkey

    “451 Derece understands us very well; we consider each one of them as part of our Special Olympics team in Turkey; we are pleased with every project they bring us; they are our friends who put their heart in everything they do. I don’t need to say more, I think.”


    Didem Unsur - Special Olympics Turkey

    “A highly talented agency in maintaining sustainable relationships! They never give up despite all the obstacles, and 'deadlines' being suddenly moved to an earlier time without minding working overtime. The first agency that springs to mind when it comes to comprehending the brief, and doing quality work. 451 Derece is the agency where you encounter special people to work with!”

    Gülsünay Uysal - Ford Otosan

    "451 Derece is an easy-to-work-with communication agency that manages the process very smoothly in line with customer demands; one can understand how systematically they work just looking at their brief format. They are professionals and visionaries and really good at calming the customer. Also a very sweet team :)”

    Tuğçe Sarıoğlu - Support Foundation for Civil Society


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